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Whenever you write a new post, it will always appears on the top of your blog page. Just like this one! This way you are always providing new and fresh content to the visitors of your blog and to the search engines.

A blog is a website that allows you to make regular content updates in the form of a journal or ‘web-log’. Your blog can be for any purpose you desire. Many blogs are established to be a voice for a business, a place to express an ongoing opinion, or a place to share personal experiences. Many companies use blogs to post articles and resources for customers.

Whichever you choose, remember to make it relevant, unique, and creative.

Showing Images


Blogs have image capability as well. WordPress blogs provide easy to use tools that help you upload photos and display them inside of your blog postings. Sometimes it’s helpful to show images with all of your content to help make the reading experience more enjoyable for your readers. Display images relating to the topic you are writing on. Google is a perfect place to find images to download and post on your blogs. Just go to, then click on the images tab. Then do your keyword search for a specific type of image you are looking for. When you find the one you want, just right click and “save as”.

Optimized For Search Engines!

Search EngineEach searchable post that is written in your blog is crawled by the search engines and added to a search index. Search engines such as Google or Yahoo treat each searchable post as if it is a completely independent and searchable html page. This benefits you tremendously because you can write several searchable blogs each month with about 10 percent searchable content and garner the attention of the major search engines. Remember to always insert specific searchable keywords in each posting relating to your search topic. This will help your searchable content reach the masses through the search engines!

This post is written for the keyword terms ‘search‘ and ‘searchable‘. This search article has just barely over 10 percent searchable keyword density with 18 searchable keywords and 130 total words.

A Source Of Income!

Ad SpaceLook to the right of this post and find the tall banner advertisement posted in the side bar. Ads are easily posted in your blog by using an ad management pluggin. You can sign up for affiliate marketing programs and post ads for other products on your own site, or post your own advertisements for your company, products, or ideas.

Check out LinkShare or Commission Junction to get started with your own Web advertising.

Once your blog site starts getting popular, you will create an opportunity to attract larger audiences and can earn commissions on clickable ads that you are hosting. Approach local companies, or topic-related providers about supporting your blog with paid advertising. This can be a fun and lucrative way to create a stream of passive income.

Linking To Other Pages

LinksBlogs are designed to make linking to other articles easy to do. Links can make your articles more informative by providing direct links to secondary information, and also improve your search engine optimization.

Throughout this article you will notice links to other articles within this blog, and links to third-party providers and ‘offsite‘ pages. Linking in a WordPress blog is very easy, and adds more interest to your articles.

For instance, I may want to write about our Instructions Page that we call ‘Getting Started’. You can link to our Getting Started page by clicking any of the links in this paragraph, or by clicking here.

I can easily link to other pages in our own blog, such as our Audio page where we demonstrate podcasting, or to our Video pages where we have posted video training, demonstrate a QuickTime video, and show how you can link to a You Tube video.

Linking strategies should also include links to third party sites. You can easily link to sites like Google, Square Compass, or this place.